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Titanium Gas Shower Diffuser

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$99.58 - $248.98


Titanium Gas Shower Diffuser - for TIG Aesthetics Purge Plugs

The TIG Aesthetics Gas Shower Diffuser is designed to increase argon flow and coverage by adding another layer of diffusion inside the purge plug. 

  • Added diffusion from six (6) horizontally opposed precision machined outlet ports insure an even and non-disruptive gas coverage.
  • Gas Shower Diffuser was designed to prevent the gas supply hose from disconnecting from the purge plug during welding and work peice repositioning.
  • Engineered to work with TIG Aesthetics Silicone Purge Plugs (excluding the 1" tube plug)
  • Precision machined from solid CP2 Titanium to be as light as possible, and prevent oxidation and weld contamination
  • Say goodbye to accidental hose disconnects forever!


Simply remove the mesh diffuser from the plug. Insert the fitting through the gas inlet hole from the inside. Install the mesh diffuser over the top, capturing the fitting inside the plug.

Shower Head Diffusers are sold in (3) or nine (9) packs.

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Purge Plug
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