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5-1/4" Long Trail Shield

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5 - 1/4" (133mm) Long Integral High-Purity TIG Trail Shield Kit
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Precision Welding Technologies Ultimate Shield® are engineered to deliver an efficient secondary gas curtain around the TIG torches primary gas flow directly over the molten weld pool.  The trail shield delivers additional gas over the heat affected area as the hot metal moves out of the primary and secondary gas shields without any interruption of gas coverage or atmosphere contamination. 

  • Trail Shield Length: 5 - 1/4" (133mm) Long
  • Integrated Gas Lens - No additional gas line needed.  Engineered to utilize the gas flowing through the torch body.
  • CNC machined housing, hard black anodized
  • Designed to Increased Weld-Quality, Consistency and Reduce Gas Usage - Saving you time & money!

Kit Includes:  Custom Insulator, Collet, Collet Body, and Ultimate Shield® Trail Shield Assembly.

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Made in USA

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Product Type:
Trail Shield
9, 20, 25, & CS310 Series Torches
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