Gloves & Jackets

Gloves & Jackets

Great Apparel For An Affordable Cost!

Investing in high quality gear is paramount to welding safety. Welding apparel like welding gloves and welding jackets are essential components of any welder's toolkit. The welding jackets and metal working gloves available at are made with durable materials and flame-resistant fabrics to shield against sparks and heat which provide both comfort and safety.

Our top-notch welding apparel includes TIG welding, MIG welding, Stick welding and metalworking gloves from high quality brands such as Miller and Revco, as well as the Black Stallion and Angel Fire apparel lines. Our jackets, welding sleeves, aprons, and chaps are constructed of various materials like cowhide, pigskin, deerskin, and leather. Each piece of welding safety apparel is designed to protect fabricators from the risk of burns while allowing for dexterity and comfort.

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