Weld Backing Tapes

Weld Backing Tapes

Heat Resistant Backing And Aluminum Tape

Our Fiber Insulated Aluminum Backing Tape offers 200 and 600 Amp ratings and features a heat-resistant, woven glass fiber insulating strip to achieve superior welds and minimize post-weld cleanup.

Say goodbye to back purging – simply affix this high-quality aluminum backing tape to the backside of your weld when working with thin-wall stainless steel sheets and vessels, enabling one-sided welding. Engineered to perfection, this tape supports the weld puddle, enveloping the weld pool with shield gas, resulting in a consistent under-bead profile.

Versatile across SMAW (Stick), GTAW (TIG), and GMAW (MIG) applications, it's compatible with Carbon, Aluminum Alloys, and Stainless Steel, ensuring top-notch performance for a range of welding needs.

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