Welding & Metalworking Safety Products, Personal Protective Equipment & Storage Solutions

Now it's easier than ever to protect yourself with comfortable, cutting edge products built with style and function from the safety experts at Optrel®, 3M®, Miller®, Jackson® and Revco®.

Welding helmets, safety glasses, respirators, powered air respirators, heat stress cooling systems, hearing protection and a complete line of women's safety gear tailored to fit just right. 

Safety awareness has come along way, no one wants to breath grinding dust or hazardous fumes caused by melting metal.  Gone are the days of toughing it out on super hot days, jobs with ear piercing noise or turning your head to protect your eyes from welding arcs, or grinding sparks.  

Learn More: 
Choosing Welding Helmets (pdf)
Eye Care for Welders (pdf)
Find Your Glove Size 
All About Glove Leather

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