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Inferno PNG Heating Assembly Size 20 w/ 18" Gooseneck

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Size #20 Inferno Heating Head Assembly; complete with 18" (.457m) gooseneck and Victor® compatible Magnum gas mixer.  This assembly is designed for use with Natural Gas or Propane.

PNG shells are machined from solid bar stock, and all internals are machined from brass and are press fit and pinned to prevent separation during backfire.

Head Size: 20
Natural Gas/Propane Pressure (psig): 2-12
Oxygen Pressure (psig): 40-60
Natural Gas/Propane Consumption (cfh): 90-180
Oxygen Consumption (cfh): 310-330

*This assembly requires the use of a heavy duty torch handle with a 3/8" ID hose.

**Large heating assemblies require high volumes of gas.  "Starving" the flame will overheat the tip and cause a backfire or flashback (hissing sound inside the head).  

***When the necessary flow rates exceed the recommended withdrawal rates of single cylinders, multiple cylinders can be manifolded to increase the flow rates.  Ask your gas supplier for the recommended withdrawal rates of your cylinders.


Victor® is a registered trademark of Thermadyne Industries, USA.. Arc-Zone.com®, Inc. is not affiliated with Thermadyne Industries, USA. These parts are engineered to be interchangeable with Victor® parts; they are not OEM parts, nor are not endorsed by Victor®. 

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Additional Information

Weld Type:
Oxy Fuel
Use Type:
Heavy Duty
Product Type:
Heating Parts
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