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High-Purity Gas Solenoid Upgrade Kit, for Popular TIG Machines

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High-Purity Gas Solenoid Upgrade Kit

The factory installed gas delivery system in your TIG welding machine consists of permeable rubber hoses, a low-cost plastic gas solenoid and spring type hose clamps. Located under the machine cover they are "out of sight -- out of mind" and have been proven to leak shield gas and draw moisture and atmosphere contamination into the TIG torch!

The JW Signature Series High-Purity Gas Supply Kit™ is an end-to-end gas supply upgrade kit from the regulator to the front panel of your machine. We engineered it with high-quality stainless steel compression fittings, high density, non-permeable gas tubing and precision stainless steel gas solenoid. The kit includes everything needed for the installation, and can be installed in minutes.

All components are made in U.S.A.

Kit Includes:

1ea. High-purity gas solenoid with whip lead & blade connectors

1ea. External solenoid mounting bracket with adhesive backing

1ea. Stainless steel fittings and hose connectors

1ea.High density, non-permeable gas supply hose

2ea. Stainless Steel male 1/8” NPT to ¼” Compression

2ea. Brass Male 1/8” NPT to 5/8” x 18 right hand female coupler

Made in U.S.A.

Installation Instructions:

Step #1.
Turn Off Machine's Power Switch and UNPLUG THE POWER CORD!

Step #2.
Remove the machine cover. Save the Mounting Hardware

Step #3.
Locate the 2 (two) solenoid power connectors. Unplug the power connectors and isolate them for Step #5

Step #4.
Slip the new solenoid whip lead into the chassis of the machine and direct it towards the existing gas solenoid power connectors.

Step #5.
Connect the whip lead blade connectors to the machine's solenoid power connectors.

Step #6.
Reinstall machine cover.

Step #7.
Determine the best location and mount the Arc-Zone supplied external solenoid mounting bracket to the machine cover (using adhesive backed mounting tape on bracket). Gently tighten gas supply hoses as needed.

Step #8.
Connect the Gas Supply line from the Flow Meter to the New external gas solenoid (do not over tighten)

The Kit includes two (2) Gas Hose Fitting types. You will need to determine which one mates to your Flow Meter Hose & TIG Torch Gas Connection. 

Gas Hose Fitting Types:
Stainless Steel Male 1/8” NPT to ¼” Mechanical Compression (used for white high-density hose material)

Brass Male 1/8” NPT to 5/8” x 18 Right Hand Female CGA Argon Coupler (Standard TIG fittings)

Enjoy your High-Purity Upgrade Kit and good welding!

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