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CK Worldwide® 2-Piece Power Cable - 150Amp Male Torch End

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Two-Piece Power Cable - 150Amp Male End

CK® Worldwide's 150Amp, Two Piece Power Cable with Gas Hose for Air-Cooled 150amp TIG Torches.

This cable has a 3/8"-24RH Male fitting on the Torch End and a copper Eyelet Power Lug on the Machine End -- and -- 5/8" Right Hand Argon Nut on the Gas Hose.

It is a direct replacement for 57Y01-2 and 57Y03-2 power cables, and is suitable replacement power cable for the following torch packages:

  • CK-9
  • CK-9F
  • CK-9V
  • CK-9VF
  • CK-130
  • CK-130V
  • CK-130F
  • CK-130VF
  • CK-150
  • CK-150F
  • CK-150V
  • CK-150VF
  • WP-9
  • WP-9F
  • WP-9V
  • WP-9FV
  • WP-17
  • WP-17F
  • WP-17FV
  • WP-150
  • WP-150V, and
  • All Traditional 9/17-Series TIG Torches.

Select The Cable Length From The Options Above:

  • CK-1512PCNSF - 12.5' (3.8m)
  • CK-1525PCNSF - 25' (7.6m)
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Additional Information

TIG Torch Type:
Gas / Air Cooled
TIG Products:
Power Cable
Torch Model:
17 Style
Torch Model:
9 Style
Torch Model:
Torch Model:
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