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SoluShim Water Soluble Alignment Sticks

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SoluShim® For Perfect Plate-to-Plate, Pipe-to-Flange & Pipe-to-Pipe Spacing 

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SoluShim® Water Soluble Alignment Sticks are an innovative solution for maintaining precise gaps on plates, pipes, and flanges as required by AWS codes D1.1 – D1.6, and API 1101 pipe codes. When SoluShim is placed between a gap, it enables consistent pipe and seam spacing, enhancing the operator’s overall efficiency.

The conventional method of forming a root gap involves the use of filler rods. Besides being non-uniform in size and thickness, these welding rods may contain foreign metals that are incompatible with the base metals being welded.

Removal of these rods is a cumbersome process and typically involves mechanical grinding or torch cutting, both of which are costly and labor intensive and can leave behind trace elements that contaminate the welding area.

Comprised of EPA-approved Aquasol® Water Soluble Board, SoluShim is compatible with any metal and instantly begins to dissolve when introduced to water. This allows the sticks to be effortlessly removed from the welding fit up, leaving behind no residue that could compromise the weld quality. Compared to metal rods, SoluShim is the superior choice for maintaining precise, even gaps throughout the weld fit-up. 

Conforms To AWS Code

  • SoluShim SS-2-38-16 and SS-4-38-16 provide 1/8″ minimum gap for plate/pipe projects as required by AWS Code D1.6/D1.6M Stainless Steel Structural Code, eliminating need for measurement and guesswork

Experience Contaminant-Free Welding

  • Made from EPA Approved Aquasol Water Soluble Composite Board
  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with any metal
  • Highly durable, incompressible, pre-sized and uniform in thickness
  • Flexible structure can be manually shaped to form any angle with ease
  • Made in the USA

Consistent Pipe & Seam Installation

  • Maintains required root gap during plate and pipe welding applications
  • Highly Incompressible, Sticks stay firmly in place throughout welding process
  • Eliminates holding rod while simultaneously welding
  • Eliminates root gap from shrinking with each tack weld

Simple Spacer Removal

  • Removal is fast and effortless using a light application of water to moisten and dissolve sticks, achieving a contaminant free weld
  • Leaves behind no harmful trace elements that can lead to post-weld contamination
  • Eliminates costly and timely post-weld grinding to remove metal spacers

Spacer Installation & Removal

  1. Equally space SoluShim Water Soluble Alignment Sticks between seams of metal components to be welded. Bend SoluShim sticks to form a 90˚ angle if preferred or if required by application (i.e. pipe-to-pipe fit up).
  2. Align the components to be welded.
  3. Tack-weld the joints in the area between the alignment sticks. Be sure to avoid charring alignment sticks or tape when tack-welding.
  4.  4. After welding is complete, introduce water to safety moisten and dissolve alignment sticks for easy, fast removal. Wait roughly 10 seconds after introducing water. Then simply pull SoluShim sticks from between the metal components or let them dissolve completely with further application of water.

Types & Sizes:

Part # Thickness Size Packaging
AQS-SS-2-38-132 1/32" (0.8mm) 3/8" X 2" (9mm x 50.5mm) 100 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-2-38-16 1/16" (1.6mm) 3/8" X 2" (9mm x 50.5mm) 100 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-2-38-332 3/32" (2.0mm) 3/8" X 2" (9mm x 50.5mm) 100 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-2-38-18 1/8" (3.3mm) 3/8" X 2" (9mm x 50.5mm) 100 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-4-38-132 1/32" (0.8mm) 3/8" X 4" (9mm x 101mm) 50 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-4-38-16 1/16" (1.6mm) 3/8" X 4" (9mm x 101mm) 50 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-4-38-332 3/32" (2.0mm) 3/8" X 4" (9mm x 101mm) 50 pcs/bag
AQS-SS-4-38-18 1/8" (3.3mm) 3/8" X 4" (9mm x 101mm) 50 pcs/bag
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Pipe Spacer
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