Flame Tech Cutting & Welding

Flame Tech Cutting & Welding

Flame Tech® Oxy Fuel Equipment Designed for Heating, Brazing, Welding & Cutting Jobs 

Choose from the super heavy-duty Flame Tech® Scorpion™ series that can cut steel up to 5' (1.5m) thick-- to standard light, medium and heavy-duty torches for any Oxy-Fuel welding or cutting job.  Arc-Zone delivers a complete line of Flame Tech® Oxy-Fuel torches, replacement parts, regulators, flash-back arrestors, hoses, tip cleaners, strikers and more!  

Flame Tech® Oxy-Fuel welding products are engineered for performance and designed for efficient and economical light, medium and heavy-duty heating, brazing, welding and cutting applications. 

Each Flame Tech® product is supported by our Satisfaction Guarantee and industry leading technical support.

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