Connectors & Hookup Kits

Connectors & Hookup Kits

TIG Torch to Welding Machine Connectors, Gas Valves, Adapters & TIG Current Nipples.

Your one-stop shop for TIG torch to welding machine Dinse type power connectors, power blocks, torch extension kits, hook-up kits, water & gas hose, gas valves, y valves & more.  

International & Domestic style copper and brass current fittings, nipples and connectors for virtually any TIG fitting / cable combination. We make it easy for you to repair or build new power cables, water, gas hoses and power leads for welding.

If you have a Miller, Lincoln, Thermal Arc, CK Worldwide, ESAB, Hobart, Weldmark, HTP, Everlast, Eastwood, Fronius or Kemppi TIG Welding machine, import or domestic we can Hook You Up!  

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