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Big Mouth Copper Grounding Pliers

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Adjust instantly to hold large or small workpieces.

Big Mouth Copper Grounding Pliers - Clamp + Ground thick, thin, & round parts with tight pressure for good contact.

Grounding ribbon connects top & bottom jaws.


  • Four Adjustment Slots - Large Capacity
  • Unique crank handle for FAST opening, closing and in-situ pressure adjustment.
  • Serrated jaw surfaces for extra gripping power.
  • V-Notch on top jaw for holding small parts.
  • Long jaw (2-1/2") for extra capacity and greater versatility in workholding.
  • Keep this versatile tool on hand for fast clamping in a variety of jobs!
  • Minimal Hand Spread: easy to grasp with one hand.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Single-hand release trigger: no finger crimping
  • Fast, easy pressure adjustment

Available Models:

Part No. Description Opening (in) Throat Depth (in) OAL (in) Weight (lb)
PAJ100 Standard Model 1/4 ~ 3 2-1/2 10 1.5
PAJ102 Soft Copper Jaw 1/4 ~ 3 2-1/2 10 2
PAJ207 Copper Grounding 1/4 ~ 3 2-1/2 10 2.2
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