M. K. Morse

Bi-Metal Hole Saws

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  • M. K. Morse Bi-Metal Hole Saws
  • M. K. Morse Bi-Metal Hole Saws
  • M. K. Morse Bi-Metal Hole Saws
  • M. K. Morse Bi-Metal Hole Saws
  • M. K. Morse Bi-Metal Hole Saws
$12.45 - $23.79


High Performance Hole Saw (Select Diameter From Drop Down Menu Above)

The ALL-NEW Advanced Bi-Metal Hole Saw by Morse.  Their latest sawing innovation is the best performing bi-metal hole saw anywhere, and replaces all current Morse bi-metal hole saw solutions with one, simple, optimized powerhouse.


  • Patent pending tooth set design to remove material faster
  • New cap to reduce runout and vibration
  • Premium M42 high speed steel--Cutting edge, 8% Cobalt; for over twice the live of the previous "AV" Model
  • Increased Cutting Depth:  1-15/16" (49.2mm)
  • New side slot for faster and easier slug removal
  • New red exterior coating reduces side wall friction for efficient cutting
Part # Size Mounting 
Imperial Metric
MKM-MHS12 3/4" 19 1/2"x20 MKM-MA34
MKM-MHS14 7/8" 22 1/2"x20 MKM-MA34
MKM-MHS16 1" 25 1/2"x20 MKM-MA34
MKM-MHS19 1-3/16" 30 1/2"x20 MKM-MA34
MKM-MHS20 1-1/4" 32 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS24 1-1/2" 38 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS26 1-5/8" 41 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS28 1-3/4" 44 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS32 2" 51 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS36 2-1/4" 57 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS40 2-1/2" 64 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS44 2-3/4" 70 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS48 3" 76 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS52 3-1/4" 83 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS
MKM-MHS56 3-1/2" 89 5/8"x18 MKM-MA45PS

These hole saws do not include the Arbor W/ Pilot Bit:

All hole saws are sold individually.  Other diamters are available upon request.

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