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MonsterCup™ Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series

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  • Arc-Zone Pro MonsterCup™ Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series
  • Arc-Zone Pro MonsterCup™ Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series
  • Arc-Zone Pro MonsterCup™ Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series
  • Arc-Zone Pro MonsterCup™ Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series
  • Arc-Zone Pro MonsterCup™ Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series
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MonsterCup™ Pro Kit (Select Electrode Size From Drop Down Menu Above)

MonsterCup™ TIG Nozzle Pro Kit.  #12, #14, #16 & #24 gas cups and accessory parts for your WP-17, 18, 26, CS300, CS410 & CK 3 Model TIG torches.

Everything needed in one convenient high-quality kit box. Step up your DC TIG welding game with Monster™ TIG/GTAW welding nozzles. Monster™ nozzles are engineered for professional fabricators that want the absolute best gas coverage, and the ability to run a long electrode stickout.

If you're welding exotic materials such as Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, Stainless Steel, Chromoly, Docol R8, etc., then these cups may be exactly what you need to improve gas coverage, arc stability, tungsten stick-out, and visibility. Monster™ Nozzles are used by top metal fabricators worldwide!

A-MNPRO-3™ Kit Includes: 
One Ea. #12 = 3/4" (19.0mm) Gas Orifice with Diffuser Installed
One Ea. #14 = 7/8" (22.2mm) Gas Orifice with Diffuser Installed
One Ea. #16 = 1" (25.4mm) Gas Orifice with Diffuser Installed
One Ea. #24 = 1-1/2" (28.5mm) Gas Orifice with Diffuser Installed

Two Ea. High Performance Wedge Collets
Two Ea. Gas Lens Collet Bodies
One Ea. Teflon Nozzle Gasket
Three Ea. ArcTime™ Premium Hybrid Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrodes
One Ea. Short "Button" Back Cap
One Ea. Medium Back Cap
One Ea. Spare Back Cap O-Ring
One Ea. Gas Flow Tester
One Ea. EZ Wipe Weld Prep Cleaning Packet
PLUS:  TIG Welding Calculator
Joe Welder's™ "Guide to Optimizing Your TIG Torch", "How-to-Select" & "How-to-Grind" Your Tungsten Electrodes

MonsterCup Quality Materials & Assembly

  • Nozzle body is made of a durable, non-reactive ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alumina) technical ceramic
  • Proprietary gas diffuser and tungsten guide is precision-machined from 316L stainless steel (no dissimilar metals)
  • Thread-on nozzle design for solid torch mounting, cup securely seals to Teflon heat shield, No o-rings, No gas leaks, No high-freq arc-outs
  • Readily available from or your local gas supplier
  • Fair pricing for a high-quality product

MonsterCup™ Best Practices, Set-Up Tips, Do's & Don'ts!

  • The MonsterCup™ works best with Arc-Zone's high-quality gas lens collet bodies.
  • The MonsterCup™ is designed for Argon flow rates between 15-30 CFH (cubic feet hour).
  • Do Not Exceed 175 amps for extended periods of time!
  • The MonsterCup™ is Not designed for welding with AC current!
  • Minimum tungsten stickout of 3/4" (19mm) -- Shorter stickout may result in damage to the screen stack.
  • Use a medium or short back cap. (Long back caps are known to trap atmosphere in the top of the cap).
  • Do not adjust the positioning, or modify the Screen Stack in any way.

MonsterCup™ TIG nozzles are designed for precision TIG welding applications where increased shield gas coverage and tungsten stickout are needed. They are not designed for heavy-industrial pipe welding applications. 

Arc-Zone does not make any claims or guarantees of weld-quality improvements, or level of shield gas coverage. Results may vary, due to: weld station set-up, material preparation, gas quality, gas flow rates, flow meter type, gas hose material, welding machine, TIG torch, operator’s torch handling technique, etc.

Compatible with popular TIG torch models including: A150 (WP-17), W350 (WP-18), A200 (WP-26), W400 (CS410) and CK 3 Series TIG torches.

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17 Style
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18 Style
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26 Style
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CK-210 / TL210
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CK-300 / TL300
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23 Style Machine Torch
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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Great cost for this kit cause sometimes you need…

    Posted by Thomas P. on Nov 9th 2020

    Great cost for this kit cause sometimes you need the big cup but you can always fit that cup in place is nice to have a choose on hand and organized

  • 5

    So far all I have used is the 12 gas lense it…

    Posted by Chad S. on May 5th 2020

    So far all I have used is the #12 gas lense it works great it provided great gas coverage and superior quality welds compared to my old set up. Everything I received was packaged nicely and well organized. It's a great kit to have when you need maximum tungsten stick out. Plus they sent me a couple stickers and a bag of M&M's so

  • 5

    Everything is good. the kit is awesome and the…

    Posted by Eric G. on Apr 21st 2020

    Everything is good. the kit is awesome and the box is very useful

  • 5

    Perfect gift for those who need to spoil…

    Posted by Jacob V. on Jul 17th 2019

    Perfect gift for those who need to spoil themselves! I’ll soon have one for work and one for home because I know how to treat myself good.

  • 5

    I work with cheap welder but nice work. I like…

    Posted by Ahmed M. on Oct 1st 2018

    I work with cheap welder but nice work. I like product. I plan to have spare kit

  • 5

    These cups are awesome very comfortable and helps…

    Posted by Paul W. on Sep 7th 2017

    These cups are awesome, very comfortable and helps with dexterity!

  • 5

    After spending some quality time with this kit I…

    Posted by Jason M. on Jan 10th 2017

    After spending some quality time with this kit, I am just head over heels with the nozzles. Of course the quality is there and this kit doesn't disappoint. it has all sizes ya want and all of the accessories you come to expect from a pro kit. Nozzles, diffusers, collets, caps, flow meter, wipes and my fav the Arctime hybrid tungsten. Everything to get up and running in a flash. My personal favs are the #12 and the #14. The #16 is great for some outside corner and the coverage is as advertised. The superior coverage and a lil bit longer stick out are great for me, I can really see what is going on. I am blown away by how stable and smooth the arc is when using these things, it hasn't made me better, but I sure feel better about the quality I am turning out. Great for tube work, joints that are tough to get into, and outside corner is absolutely fantastic. You guys that work a lot of stainless and other exotics where superior coverage is desired are gonna be digging it. Head over to Moser_fab on Instagram if you wanna see them in action.

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