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Silver Mirror, Glass Filter Plate, 2" x 4-1/4"

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Replacement Welding Lens (Select Shade Strength From Options Above)

The ultimate protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays present in the welding environment.  Reflects harmful infrared rays while staying cooler than a conventional green filter plate.  Precision ground, edged, and shaded to be optically correct with a safe and proper fit.  Industry standard 2" x 4-1/2" size makes these lenses the perfect replacement for most passive welding helmets and cutting goggles.

Selecting The Proper Lens:  As a rule of thumb, start with a shade that is too dark to see the weld zone. Then, go to a lighter shade which gives a sufficient view of the weld zone without going below the minimum.

Part Number Lens
ANSI & AWS Shade Recommendations by Process
PAC* PAW* Oxy-
WSL-901-932-115-8 8 <60A <60A -- -- <20A -- >1/2" -- --
WSL-901-932-115-9 9 <60A <60A -- <300A <20A -- -- -- --
WSL-901-932-115-10 10 60-160A <60A <50A <300A 20-100A -- -- -- --
WSL-901-932-115-11 11 60-160A 60-160A <50A <300A 20-100A -- -- -- --
WSL-901-932-115-12 12 160-250A 160-250A 50-150A 300-400A 100-400A -- -- <500A --
WSL-901-932-115-14 14** 250-550A 250-500A 150-500A 400-800A 400-800A -- -- 500-1,000A ALL

*PAC (Plasma Arc Cutting, PAW (Plasma Arc Welding), CAC-A (Carbon Arc Cutting), CAW (Carbon Arc Welding)

** Shade #14 can be safely used during a solar eclipse. See excerpt from NASA below:

"Viewing with Protection -- Experts suggest that one widely available filter for safe solar viewing is number 14 welder's glass. It is imperative that the welding hood houses a #14 or darker filter. Do not view through any welding glass if you do not know or cannot discern its shade number. Be advised that arc welders typically use glass with a shade much less than the necessary #14. A welding glass that permits you to see the landscape is not safe. Inexpensive eclipse glasses have special safety filters that appear similar to sunglasses, but these do permit safe viewing."

We reserve the right to limit quantities sold on each order, in order to meet each customer's demand.

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    Worked as advertised. Will order again. Fast…

    Posted by Joseph F. on Aug 28th 2017

    Worked as advertised. Will order again. Fast shipping.

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