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SuperFlex Gas Hose - For Water-Cooled TIG Torches Up To 250A

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1 unit
$32.40 - $77.80


SuperFlex Gas Hose (Select The Cable Length From The Options Above)

  • CK-212AHSF - 12.5' (3.8m)
  • CK-225AHSF - 25' (7.6m)
  • CK-225AHSF-50 - 50' (15.2m)

CK Worldwide's SuperFlex™ Gas Hose, For Water-Cooled TIG Torches Up To 250 Amp.

This cable has no torch end fitting and a 5/8"-18RH Male machine end fitting -- it is designed for torch bodies with a threaded collar, or it can be attached to the torch body using 53N04 wire hose clamp (not included).


This water hose is interchangeable with 45V09, 45V09R, 45V10, 45V10R, 45V10-L50, 45V10R-L50 and it is a direct replacement for the following torch packages:


CK-180, CK-180V, CK-200, CK-200V, CK-230, CK-230V, CK-A20, CK-A20V, CK-T200, CK-FL230, CK-FL250, CK-TL300, CK-TL300V, CK-MR140, CK-M230, CK-MT200, CK-MT300, CK-MT400, CK-MT500, CK-20, CK-20V, CK-24W, CK-24WV, WP-125, WP-24W, WP-225, WP-25, WP-20, WP-20V, WP-20P, WP-22, , and all standard water-cooled TIG torches rated up to 250 Amps.




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