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CK® Handheld Pendant for WF-5 Cold Wire Feeder

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1 unit
$196.20 - $218.00


Automatic Wire Feeder

This hand-held TIG wire feeder is used in conjunction with the WF-5 Cold Wire Feeder from CK Worldwide.

Please select the wire size and wire type from the options above.  

*Hard Wire refers to steel & Soft Wire refers to Aluminum

Wire Diameter Wire Type Cable Length Part #
.023" (0.6mm) Hard 10' (3.0m) CK-CWH-023H
.030" (0.8mm) Hard 10' (3.0m) CK-CWH-030H
.030" (0.8mm) Soft 8' (2.4m) CK-CWH-030S
.035" (0.9mm) Hard 10' (3.0m) CK-CWH-035H
.035" (0.9mm) Soft 8' (2.4m) CK-CWH-035S
.045" (1.1mm) Hard 10' (3.0m) CK-CWH-045H
.045" (1.1mm) Soft 8' (2.4m) CK-CWH-045S
1/16" (1.6mm) Hard 10' (3.0m) CK-CWH-116H
1/16" (1.6mm) Soft 8' (2.4m) CK-CWH-116S


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