DynaFlux RTU Defense Coolant w/ Ethylene Glycol 4ea.

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DF-927-4X1- Case of 4
DF-927-4X1- Case of 4
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1 unit


DF-927-4X1 - Case of 4ea.

RTU (Ready-to-Use) Defense Coolant.

The 927 formula protects to 10°F with no dilution necessary. Case of Four One Gallon (3.78L) Containers.

Dynaflux coolants deliver year-round pump protection for water recirculators & closed loop cooling systems. Each product is engineered to reduce the need for water fill maintenance by reducing water evaporation.

  • Ethylene Glycol formula, freeze protection to 10ºF
  • Case of Four One Gallon (3.78L) Containers
  • 927 can be diluted with distilled or de-ionized water for additional economy
  • Manufactured in U.S.A. by Dynaflux

Weld Like A Pro Tip :
For Best Results Change Coolant Annually. Drain Coolant, Clean Pump Filter Screen & Wipe Out The Inside of the Cooler Tank to Remove any Solids or Sludge.

A water cooler maintenance program will ensure long trouble-free welding equipment performance & minimize torch & lead set failures.

More Information:

  • MSDS for DF-927 Coolant: PDF
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