Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet

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  •  Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet


Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet

The Helix Quattro is a welding helmet designed for extreme performance. With a protection level ranging from 4 to 14, the highest optical class of 1/1/1/1, the Quattro is ideal for difficult welding tasks, even in extreme situations or viewing angles. Hard work never felt so easy. 

Design Features:

  • Slide Up
  • Anti-Glare
  • Removeable Hardhat
  • Twilight Function
  • Opening Delay
  • Sensitivity Control
  • 5 Point Detection
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Overhead Welding
  • FadeTronic®: Opening of the anti-glare display can be continuously adjusted after welding to significantly reduce eye fatigue
  • ShadeTronic®: Automatically adapts to changing light conditions of the welding arc
  • Warranty Extension:  Simply register here to be covered for 3 years after purchase

Technical Specifications:

Protection Levels ShadeTronic inactive: protection level
active, manual: protection levels 8-13/9-14*
Automatic protection level regulation over the
protection level range 4<13M /5-14M* with an individual calibration option of ± 2.
Battery Life

300 to 500 charging cycles

Power Supply Solar cells, Li-polymer battery, chargeable via micro USB cable

5 sensors

Switching Time light to dark:
0.090 ms at room temperature
0.070 ms at 55°C
dark to light:
0.1 s to 2.0 s (with FadeTronic)
Classification EN379 Optical class: 1
Stray light class: 1
Homogeneity class: 1
Angular dependence class: 1
Sensitivity Infinitely adjustable, new with “Super High” sensitivity
Field of View

Depending on headgear adjustment, 2.3 to 6.3 times the field of view of a 100 x 50 mm
industry standard anti-glare cassette

Eye Protection Ultraviolet/Infrared Protection: Maximum protection across the range of protection levels
Dimensional Stability Welding protective mask: up to 220 °C
Front lens: up to 137 °C
Operating Temperature

-10°C to +55°C / 14°F to 131°F

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +70°C / -4°F to 158°F

Total Weight



CE, UKCA, ANSI, EAC, AS/NZS, meets CSA Z94.3
Meets pr ISO 16321 standards “TIG+” (“low amp Tig” process)

Scope of Delivery Welding helmet, optrel IsoFit® headgear, removable hardhat, operating instructions, storage
bag, micro USB charging cable, front lens, guarantee card
Warranty From the date of purchase: 2 years for manufacturing and material defects, 6 months for the
Extended Warranty 1 additional year (excluding the battery) if you register your product within the first 6
months (from the date of purchase) at
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