Optrel e684 Welding Helmet

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  •  Optrel e684 Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel e684 Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel e684 Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel e684 Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel e684 Welding Helmet
  •  Optrel e684 Welding Helmet


Optrel e684 Welding Helmet

The welder is recognized as the top athlete among the metal craftsmen. They need to cope with harsh work conditions such as fumes, constantly changing levels of brightness and heat. Additionally, welders have a high level of responsibility. A flawed welding seam might, in extreme cases, be the cause for deadly incidents. Hence, a perfect welding helmet becomes increasingly important. It makes the weld process safer, more efficient, more accurate and more comfortable. Therefore only the best is good enough. So do not settle for anything less! Discover the uniqueness of the Optrel e684. Available in silver,black or blue.

Design Features:

  • True-Color View:  Like looking through a clean glass window
  • Grinding Mode:  The brightest grind mode vision ever offered by a welding helmet
  • FadeTronic®: Opening of the anti-glare display can be continuously adjusted after welding to significantly reduce eye fatigue
  • ShadeTronic®: Automatically adapts to changing light conditions of the welding arc
  • 4 Times Highest Class: Classification EN379 (Optical Class: 1, Stray Light Class: 1, Homogeneity Class: 1, Angle Dependency Class: 1)
  • Overhead Welding
  • Warranty Extension:  Simply register here to be covered for 3 years after purchase

Technical Specifications:

ADF size / field of view 90 x 110 x 7 mm / 50 x 100 mm
Eye protection Maximum UV- & -IR-protection on all shade levels
Classification EN379 Optical Class: 1
Stray Light Class: 1
Homogeneity Class: 1
Angle Dependency Class: 1
Switching time to light to dark 0.170 ms at room temperature, 0.110ms at 55°C
Switching time dark to light 0.1 - 2.0 s with patented twilight function
Power Supply Solar cells and 2 batteries, exchangeable
Operating Time Batteries Approx. 3000 hours (operating)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +70°C
Total Weight 500 g, 17.64 oz
Warranty 2 years with additional 1 year warranty extension (excluding battery) if the product is registered within the first 6 months: click here to register


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