Power, Water & Gas Hoses

Power, Water & Gas Hoses

Complete Line of Power Cables, Water & Gas Hoses & Cable Covers

Replacement Cables & Hoses for Every TIG Torch Model:  
We deliver the Weldcraft® and CK Worldwide® hoses and cables you need to keep welding.  If you need a special or custom cable, we can do that too.

Best-of-Breed Power Cables & Hoses:  
Quality power cables, gas and water supply hoses are critical to TIG torch performance.  A high-quality power cable will deliver all the power your welding machine was designed to deliver with snappy arc starts, and consistent high current arc density.

Quality products built with extra flexible rope-lay stranded copper power cable and precision machined current nipples professionally crimped.  Durable, high-quality non-conductive vinyl and Superflex rubber hose materials - cost more, but you get what you pay for!

Cable Covers Protect Cable Leads from Heat, Sparks & Abrasion
Keep your torch hoses neatly bundled and protected with a protective cable cover.  Available in two material types: Ballistic Nylon with Shielded Zipper, and Flexible Leather with Velcro closure. 

We don't recommend using plastic zip ties or tape on water-cooled TIG cables.  Zip ties restrict the water flow and tape ends up a sticky mess.  We suggest a zippered or Velcro cable cover to bundle and protect your cables.  Lean More: Cable Cover Installation Guide (PDF)

Weld Like A Pro Tip™
TIG torch power cables should be replaced every one to two years. The constant flexing of the cable and interference with the TIG torch handle causes the internal cable strands to "fray" and loose current carrying capacity.  Cable strand erosion causes resistance and sloppy, inconsistent arc starts, ultimately a cable failure.

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