Arc-Zone Pro

Flex-Loc Swivel Head, 150Amp Air-Cooled 25' (7.6m) Cable

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Custom High Perfomance Torch Package

Monster Pro Flex-Loc Torch Package™. Medium-Duty Compact and Powerful. Genuine CK Worldwide® 3-Series Air-Cooled 150 Amp Flexible Modular Torch Body, 25' (7.6m) SuperFlex™ Power Cable.  Plus you get Arc-Zone's Monster14 Nozzle™, 3/32” (2.4mm) Gas Lens, Wedge Collet, Short, Medium, Long Back Cap and a Pre-Ground ArcTime™ Non-Radioactive Hybrid Tungsten Electrode.  With this kit, you'll be ready to Weld Like-A-Pro!

Torch Rating @ 100% Duty Cycle:  150 Amps ACHF or DCSP
Cooling:  Gas Cooled

Select the Correct Power Connection for Your Machine

Manufacturer Model Connector
Cebora TIG All TIG Models Large Dinse w/ BSP Gas Fitting
CaddyArc 150
MiniArc 90i
MiniArc 140i
MiniArc 150
Small Dinse (25mm)
ESAB Handy TIG 180
Heliarc 161
Heliarc 252/352
Multimaster 160
452 CC/CV
652 CC/CV
Large Dinse (50mm)
ESAB Multipower 460
653 CC/CV
Threaded Stud
Eastwood All TIG Machines M16x1.5 Gas Thru Fitting
Everlast Power TIG 185 Micro
Power Arc 140 ST
Power Arc 160STH
Small Dinse (25mm)
Everlast Power TIG 200
Power TIG 225
Power TIG 315
Power Arc 200
Power Arc 300
Large Dinse (50mm)
Fronius All TIG Machines Large Gas-Thru Dinse
Hobart 150 Sti Small Gas-Thru Dinse
Hobart TIG Mate Large Gas-Thru Dinse
Hobart EZ TIG 165i Miller Diversion Connection
Lincoln Invertec V-100 S
Invertec V-130 S
Small Dinse (25mm)
Lincoln Invertec V-160 T
Invertec V-250 S/T
Invertec 275
Large Dinse (50mm)
Lincoln Invertec V155 S
Invertec V160 S
Invertec V200 T
Invertec V250 T
Square Wave 175
Square Wave 275
Precision TIG 185
Precision TIG 225
Large Gas-Thru Dinse
Lincoln Square Wave 355
Precision TIG 275
Precision TIG 375
Power MIG 350 MP
Threaded Stud
Longevity TIGWeld 160 SX
TIGWeld 200 D/SZ
MicroTIG 200 Digital
M16x1.5 Gas Thru Fitting
Longevity Older TIGWeld 200 Models Large Dinse (50mm)
Longevity TIGWeld 200i
Pro MTS 200
Large Dinse w/ Metric Gas Fitting
Miller Maxstar 91
Maxstar 140
Maxstar 150 S/STH/STL
Small Gas-Thru Dinse
Miller Diversion  Miller Diversion Connection
Miller  Dynasty Series
Maxstar 152 Snap Start
Maxstar 200 Series
Maxstar 300 Series
Large Dinse (50mm)
Miller Econo TIG
Maxstar 350
Syncrowave 180/200 SD
Syncrowave 350 LX
Large Gas-thru Dinse
Miller Aerowave
Syncrowave 250
Syncrowave 500
Threaded Stud
Miller  Dynasty 700
Maxstar 700
Custom Connector
(Not Included in Pro Torch Package)
Stamos  S-ALU 225 PH Large Dinse (50mm)
Stamos S-WIGMA 225PH M16x1.5 Gas Thru Fitting
Thermal Arc P-Wee 130
P-Wee 160
P-Wee 150


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