Welding Glossary G

Galvanized metal Metal covered with zinc to prevent rust.The zinc coating gives off toxic fumes when heated excessively.
Gas Flow Straightener Same as Gas Lens.A device to straighten the flow of the shielding gas as it exits the torch to provide optimum weld zone coverage.
Gas Lens Gas lens collet body- a special type of TIG (GTAW) torch collet body designed to provide improved shield gas coverage of the weld zone.Typical gas lens construction consists of a series of coarse and fine screens placed around the electrode. Thisconstruction provides optimum laminar gas flow which reduces the possibility of drawing in contaminants from the surrounding atmosphere.The use of a gas lens collet body allows further extension of the electrode beyond the gas cup, improving weld joint access and welder visibility.Gas lens collet bodies are required to achieve optimum weld integrity on non-ferrous, or oxidizing metals, such as aluminum.
Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) (GMAW) An arc welding process that uses a continuously fed consumable electrode and a shielding gas.Also called MIG welding.
Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) An arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode and a shielding gas.The process can be used for fusion welding or with filler metal.The filler metal is added manually using a welding rod.Also called TIG welding.
Gas pocket A cavity in a weld caused by entrapped gas.
Gauntlet gloves Welding gloves with cuffs that extend above the wrist for protection.
Globular transfer In MIG (GMAW) welding, the movement of molten metal in large droplets from the consumable electrodeacross the arc.
Globule A large droplet of molten metal.
Gouging The forming of a bevel or groove by removing material either mechanically, or with an electric arc process such as plasma gouging or arc gouging.
Grain size An important factor in determining the mechanical properties of a material.Coarse-grained materials are brittle and have low ductility; fine-grained materials are less brittle and are more ductile.
Grit blasting A mechanical cleaning method in which abrasive particles are propelled at high velocity against the metal surface.
Groove The opening provided by a groove weld.
Groove angle The total angle formed between the groove face on one piece and the groove face on the other piece.
Groove face The surface formed on the edge of the base metal after it has been machined, bent, or flame cut.
Groove joint The joint formed when there is a designed space in the form of an angled or shaped groove between the pieces being joined.
Groove weld A weld made with filler material that is fused into a joint that has had base metal removed to form a V, U, or J shape at the edges to be joined.
Ground Connection A safety connection from a welding machine frame to the ground.
Ground Lead Workpiece lead.