Welding Glossary V

Vee groove See butt joint.
Vertical down weld A vertical weld made from the top of the joint to the bottom.
Vertical position A type of weld where the welding is done on a vertical seam or surface.
Vertical up weld A vertical weld made from the bottom of the joint to the top.
Visual inspection A method for determining the quality of a weld by looking at it and comparing it to welds of known high quality.
Volt The unit of measure of electrical pressure in a circuit.
Volt/Amp Curve A graph demonstrating output of a welding power source, showing both volt and amp capabilities.
Voltage The pressure that forces electrons through a conductor, causing amperage to flow.Also referred to as ãelectromotive force (EMF)ä or ãdifference in potential.ä
Voltage drop The voltage loses that occur when electricity travels a long distance from the welding machine due to the resistance in the leads.
Voltmeter An instrument for measuring the voltage in a circuit.
Voltage-Sensing Wire Feeder This type of feeder operates from arc voltage generated by the welding power source.