Welding Glossary L

Lack of fusion A weld defect resulting from failure of the weld metal and base metal to mix, or fuse, completely.
Land The portion of the prepared edge of a part to be joined by a groove weld, which has not been beveled or grooved.Sometimes also called the root face.
Lap joint A welded joint in which two overlapping parts are connected, generally by means of fillet welds.
Laser A device that emits a beam of coherent light.
Laser beam cutting (LBC) A process that uses the energy of a laser beam to cut material.
Laser beam welding (LBW) A process that uses the energy of a laser beam to fuse materials.
Layer A certain weld metal thickness made of one or more passes.
Laying a bead Forming a line of fused weld metal along a line or a joint of the weldment.
Lead A welding lead refers to the cables and hoses that carry current, shielding gas and, in some cases, water to and from the welding torch.
Leading edge The forward edge of the weld pool.
Leathers Protective clothing worn by a welder, especially when welding out of position.This protective clothing is typically made from leather.
Leg of a fillet weld The shortest distance from the toe of the weld to the point where the pieces of base metal touch.
Lens A specially treated glass through which a welder may look at an intense arc without being injured by the harmful radiating rays.These lenses are typically fastened as part of a welding helmet or goggles.
Leverage The mechanical advantage provided by using a lever and a properly placed fulcrum.
Liner A flexible tube placed inside the combination cable through which a consumable wire electrode passes on its way to the MIG (GMAW) torch.Liners are typically made from coiled steel wire and may be covered with a plastic sheath to minimize gas loss.Special liner materials are available for specific welding wires such as aluminum.
Liquidation The separation of a low melting constituent of an alloy from the remaining constituents, usually apparent in alloys having a wide melting range.
Liquefaction The changing of a gas to a liquid.
Liquidus The lowest temperature at which a metal or an alloy is completely liquid.
Low hydrogen electrodes Electrodes used for SMAW that have little or no hydrogen in them.
LowRider TIG Nozzles LowRider series of Ultra-low-profile gas lens parts deliver the gas coverage needed to get a perfect weld, without the bulk and weight of a "standard" gas lens collet body. LowRider gas lens kits are designed to get your TIG torch into the tightest spaces with ease. Whether you want to shrink your torch head size for hard to reach jobs, or if you're doing precision micro welding and want to minimize torch shake by getting as close to the work piece as possible, the LowRider and LowRider Slammed Series is the ticket.
Lugs Heavy-duty electrical terminals that are cylindrical at one end to accept a welding cable and flat on the other end.A hole is drilled in the flat end for mounting to a stud on the welding machine.