Welding Glossary N

ND:Yag Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, a material used to make one type of laser.
Newton (N) The unit of force that is used in the SI metric system.
Nonconsumable electrode An electrode that does not melt and become part of the weld.A TIG (GTAW) tungsten electrode is an example.
Noncorrosive flux A welding flux which itself does not, and with residue that does not, chemically attack the base metal.
Nondestructive test (NDT) A means of testing for defects that does not damage or destroy the weld.
Nonferrous Metals containing no substantial amounts of ferrite or iron such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminum.
Non-petroleum-based Made form materials that do not contain petroleum or petroleum products.
Nontransferred arc In plasma arc welding or spraying, an arc established between the electrode and the constricting nozzle.The workpiece is not a part of the circuit.
Normalizing A heat treating process to eliminate internal stresses and create uniform grain size.Cooling is more rapid than in the annealing process.
Nozzle In arc welding, the nozzle is typically referred to as the shield gas nozzle or gas cup.In TIG (GTAW) welding the gas nozzles are usually made of ceramic materials to resist heat and to insulate while directing the shield gas flow.MIG (GMAW) nozzles are typically made of copper or brass for durability.These nozzles are insulated electrically with an inner sleeve of high temperature insulating material.These nozzles also direct the shield gas flow.They can either be threaded on or pushed onto the gun.