Welding Glossary K

Kerf The space from which metal has been removed by a cutting process.
Keyhole The term applied to the enlarged root opening which is carried along ahead of the puddle when making an arc weld or other type of welded joint.
Keyhole welding A welding technique in which concentrated heat penetrates the workpiece, leaving a hole at the edge of the weld.As the heat source moves on, the keyhole is continually formed and filled.
Kilopascal (kPa) One thousand pascals.A pascal is the metric unit of pressure.
Kinetic energy The energy of a moving object.
Knee The lower arm supporting structure in a resistance welding machine.
KVA Kilovolt-amperes is the measurement of the total volts times the amps, divided by 1,000.
KW Kilowatts. Primary kilowatts is the power used by the power source whereas secondary kilowatts is the actual output of the welding power source.