TIG Torches & Accessories

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TIG Torch Basics:
TIG torch models range from 50 Amp micro torches to 900 Amp automation torches.  For manual TIG welding you want a compact torch that is light in your hand and easy to maneuver. The most common models are the 9, (2 series) 125 Amp & 17 (3 series) 150 Amp air-cooled and the best selling 20 (2 series) 250 Amp water-cooled. 

TIG torches are hand tools, each model was designed for a specific welding job.  Based on your budget, Arc-Zone suggests having two torches, one for everyday jobs and a specialty torch for hard to reach jobs etc.  If you use a flex torch, you should have a spare torch body on hand as they often crack and break when you need them most!  

Air & Water-Cooled TIG Torches:

  • Air or Gas-cooled torches get hot and require time to cool down between welds, they are bulky compared to water-cooled torches and are limited to 200 amps.  Air-cooled torches are great for jobsites and small shops and are easy to install and maintain.
  • Water-cooled torches are best for production, and high amperage welding jobs.  Water-cooled torches are compact, easy to handle and rated up to 500 amps.  Water-cooled torches require a city water-supply or a recirculating water cooler.

Front End Parts:
Gas cups, collets & collet bodies are important front end consumables that let you customize your torch for the welding job and material type.  Arc-Zone Pro Accessory Kits™ high quality parts, in a kit box with lid card that identifies each part for easy re-order!  Arc-Zone Pro Kits save you time and money.

Welding Machine Power, Water & Gas Connectors:
Note: TIG torch packages do not include front end parts or a machine connector, and need to be ordered separately. Don't know what connectors you need?  Arc-Zone we has the technical expertise to get you hooked up right the first time!

Weld Like A Pro Tip™
How to Hook Up Your Air-Cooled TIG Torch (.pdf)
How to Hook Up Your Water-Cooled TIG Torch (.pdf)
Maximizing Water-Cooled TIG Performance (.pdf)
Why Upgrade to a Water-Cooled TIG Torch (.pdf)
Arc-Zone CoolKit -- Water-cooled TIG Upgrade Kit.

Popular Torch Size Comparison:
9 / 20 (2 Series) & 17 / 18 / 26 (3 Series) Torch Comparison(pdf)

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